Fundraising Information


Spring Fundraisers

We need to plan ahead for any plant needs for your fund raiser. The contact person should request a conversation, and we will call you to collect your information.

Fund Raising requests should be coordinated and confirmed by January 15.  Once we compile all your information, we can give you a price for the items.  We will need to know:

  1. the date of the fund raiser
  2. if you are requesting delivery (day and time)
  3. what specific plants and what container you’d like to sell (ie. hanging baskets, combination planters, potted annuals, etc)

Fall Fundraisers

Coordination for Fall Fund Raisers have been for chrysanthemums. If you’d like any other specific products (ie, sunflowers, pansies, black-eyed susan) please communicate your requests well in advance. Fall fund raisers should be finalized by June 1.