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2021 Spring Season

We are getting ready to list the varieties and in what pot sizes we will be offering this year to our loyal customers.

If you have a specific request or pre-order, please make it known to us.  Our space is limited, so unless you plan ahead, we may or may not have what you want next spring.  

SPRING ANNUALS 6-06 flat (36 plants/flat)

Ageratum: Blue

Alyssum: Mixed, Rose, Violet, White

Asters: Pot and Patio Mixed, Tall Mixed

Begonia: Bronze Leaf: Mixed, Pink, Red, White                                                                             Green Leaf: Mixed, Pink, Red White

Celosia: Comb Type: Mixed                                                                                                              Plume Type: Mixed, Orange, Red, Red with bronze leaf, Yellow,                                                         Romantica             


Coleus: Black Dragon, Festive Dance, Mixed, Mosaic, Red Velvet, Rose, Ruby,                       Yellow

Cosmos: Cosmic Mix, Sonata Mix

Dahlia: Figaro Mix, Harlequin Mix

Dianthus: Mixed, Raspberry, Red, Rose, Strawberry, Violet, White

Dusty Miller

Flowering Kale: Red, White

Gazania: Mix

Gomphrena: Purple

Hypoestes: Pink, Red, White

Impatien: Blue Pearl, Cranberry, Lipstick, Mix, Orange, Pink, Red, Red Star,                             Rose, Salmon, Violet, White

Lobelia – Upright: Blue, Mix, Rose, White

Marigold: African Tall: Chedi Orange (40-55″), Orange (16-18″), Yellow (16-18″)                       Hybrid: Cracker Jack: Mix                                                                                                   African Medium (10-12″): Gold, Orange, Yellow                                                           French Medium (10-12″): Harmony BiColor, Bee, Flame, Mix,                                                                                  Orange, Yellow                                                                       French Dwarf (8-10″): Safari Bolero, Mix, Orange, Red,                                                                                        Yellow Fire, Yellow

Nicotiana: Mix

Pansy: Blue Blotch, Lemon Yellow, Mixed Blotch, Mixed Clear, Orange, Purple,                 Red Wing, Rose Wing, White Blotch, Yellow Blotch

Petunia – Bi Color – Hullahoop: Blue, Mix, Red, Rose                                                                                      Stripe: Blue, Red, White

Petunia – Single: Blue Lace, Blue Midnight, Blue Sky, Coral, Lavender, Mixed,                                        Mixed Flag, Pink, Purple, Red, Rose, Sugar, Summer,                                                    White, Yellow 

Portulaca – Moss Rose: Fuchsia, Mixed, Peppermint, Scarlet, Yellow

Salvia: Dwarf: Bi-Color, Mixed, Purple, Red                                                                                 Medium: Red                                                                                                                       Tall: Red

Salvia – Farinacea: Victoria Blue, Victoria White

Snapdragon: Dwarf: Berries&Cream, Mixed, Pink, Red, Yellow                                                         Medium: Liberty MIx;                                                                                                         Tall:  Rocket Mix

Verbena: Blue Trailing, Blue/Eye, Mixed, Pink/Rose, Red, White 

Vinca: Blue, Blush, Burgundy, Burgundy Halo Cherry Halo, Mixed, Mixed Halo,                Orchid, Punch, Red, Rose Halo, White, White Polka Dot

Viola: Blue, Lilac, Peach Sorbet, Pink Wing, Purple/White, Purple/Yellow, Yellow

Zinnia – Zahara: Cherry, Mixed, Orange, Raspberry Lemonade Mix, Scarlet,                                         White, Yellow


VEGETABLES 6-06 flat (36 plants/flat)


Brussel Sprouts

Cabbage: Golden Acre, Sweet Slaw,                                           Late Flat Dutch, Red Jewel




Cucumber: Burpless, Bush Pickle, Marketmore

Eggplant: Black Beauty

Herbs: Basil, Parsley

Kale: Blue Ridge, Scarletbor


Lettuce: Butter Crunch, Great Lakes

Melon: Muskmellon, Watermelon

Onion: Yellow Sweet Spanish, White Lisbon

Peppers – Sweet: Bell Green, Bell Red, Bell Yellow, Gypsy, Melrose, Pimento Sweet Banana

Peppers – Hot: Cheyenne (2), Habanero Red (4), Hungarian Hot Wax (2), Jalapeno (2),  Serrano (3), Super Chili (3)


Squash – Summer: Crookneck, Zucchini Winter: Butternut, Acorn

Strawberry: See Hanging Baskets (Berri Basket, Summer Breeze)

Tomato: Beefmaster, Beefsteak, Better Boy, Celebrity, Early Girl, Jet Star, Juliet, LaRoma, Lemon Boy, Rutgers, Sunsugar, Sweet 100, Tumbler (See Hanging Baskets)

 10″ Premium Hanging Baskets

Begonia: Non Stop Combination, Canary Wing

Black Eyed Susan

Boston Ferns


Combination: Begonia Combo, Caili Combo, Geranium Combo, Petunia Combo


Geranium: Ivy, Zonal

Impatien: New Guinea, Double Impatiens



10″ Promo Hanging Baskets (available in June)

Begonia: Fibrous, Dragon Wing

Impatien: Single, New Guinea

Petunia: Single, Wave

Vinca: Mediteranian


4.3″ Potted SPECIALTY GARDEN Plants (10 plants/flat) PLEASE PRE-ORDER

Angelonia – Archangel: Coral, Cherry Red, Dark  Purple, Raspberry, White

Bacopa – Megacopa: Blue, White, Pink Shine

Begonia – Big: Bronze Lf. Pink, Bronze Lf. Red, Green Lf. Red, Green Lf. Rose                                                                                   DragonWing: Pink, Red                                                                                                                                                             Non-Stop: Appleblossom, Fire, Orange, Pink, Red, Rose Petticoat, Salmon, Scarlet, Sunset, White,                                               Yellow, MoccaMix

Biden: SunDrop Double Yellow

Calibrachoa – Bumble Bee: Blue, Orange, Pink                                                                                                                                              Cabaret: Bright Red, Bright White, Deep Yellow, Goodnight Kiss,  Light Pink, Midnight Blue

Coleus – Trailing: Lava Rose                                                                                                                                                                      Flame Thrower: Cajun Spice, Chili Pepper, Chipotle, Habanero, Salsa Verde, Serrano                                                  Compact: Campfire, Coleusaurus, Dragon Heart, Electric Lime, Heartbreaker, Indian Summer,                                                   Ruby Punch, Ruby Slipper, Special Effects                                                                                                            Tall: French Quarter, Red Head, Trusty Rusty, Wasabi                                                                                                          Kong: Kong Jr Rose, Kong Empire Mix                                                                                                                                      Premium: Chocolate covered Cherry

Cuphea: Allyson Heather

Euphorbia: White

Evolvulus: Blue Daze

Fuchsia: Gardenmeister, Red/White, Pink/Fuchsia, Poloma, Samba, White Joy

Gomphrena: Mixed, Purple

Guara: Blush, Rose, White

Grass: Blue Dart, Javelin, Red Rooster, Sirocco, Twisted Arrows


Impatien – Double Bonita: Burgundy, Cherry, Lavender Stardust, Pink, Rose, Salmon, White

Impatien – Sunpatiens Compact: Blush Pink, Coral Pink, Electric Orange, Hot Pink, Orchid Blush, Pink Candy,                                                                  Purple, Red Fire, Rose Glow, Royal Magenta, Tropical Rose, White

Lantana – Bloomify: Mango, Red, Rose                                                                                                                                                     Lucky: Lavender, Peach, Red, Sunrise Rose, White, Yellow, Purple Falls

Licorice: Silver Mist

Lobelia – Early Springs: Dk Blue, Magenta, White

Lobularia – Easy Breezy: Pink, Purple, White

Osteospermum: Blue Eyed Beauty, Sunshine Beauty, Voltage White, Voltage Yellow

Petunia – Hybrida: Bees Knees Yellow, Black Magic, Bluerific, Red, Yellow, Dusty Rose, Jelly Roll,                                                                 Sophistica Lime BiColor

Plectranthus: Nicolleta, Varigated

Salvia: Mysty Blue

Scaevola: Brilliant Blue, White Sparkle

Verbena – Endurascape: Blue, Dk Purple, Hot Pink, Pink Fizz, Red, White

Zinnia – Zesty: Fuschia, Mixed, Pink, Purple, Scarlet, White, Yellow


4″ Round Accent Plants (10 plants/flat):

Hedera – English Ivy

Helichysum – Icicles

Lamium – Beacon Silver

Lysimachia – Goldilocks



Spider Plant

Sweet Potato Vine: Ace of Spades, Blackie,                          Marguerite, TriColor

Vinca Vine

4” Round Pots (10 pots/flat)

Seed GeraniumBiColor, Coral, Lavender, Pink, Red, Salmon, Violet, White

4″ Square Pots (18 pots/flat): 

Caladium: Assorted

Easy Wave Petunia: Blue, Lilac, Pink, Purple Classic, Red, Rose, White


5″ Round Pots (8 pots/flat): 

Begonia: Canary Wing – Red

Canna: Mango, Orange Shade, Orange with bronze                 leaf, Rose, Red Shades, Scarlet with bronze                   leaf, Yellow

Zonal Geranium:  Assorted, Pink Hot, Pink, Pink                                   Flare BiColor, Pink Light, Red,                                   Red Dark, Salmon, Violet, White

Gerbera Daisy: Assorted Colors

Sunfinity Sunflower

Mandevilla/Dipladenia: Coral, Pink, Red, White, Yellow


10″ Patio Pot:

Zonal Geranium: Assorted Colors

Mandevilla/Dipladenia: Assorted Colors

Sunflower Sunfinity

14″ Combination Planters:                                                      Assorted Combinations for shade or sun