Tuinier Brothers greenhouse, Inc.

Wholesale Flower, Vegetable and Specialty Plants

5895 East L Avenue, Kalamazoo MI 49048
Monday–Friday: 8am–5pm
Phone: (269) 382-6959 
Toll Free: 800-491-7679 
Fax: (269) 382-3737

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About Us:

Tuinier Brothers Greenhouse

Ken and Deb Tuinier continue the Tuinier family business.  Tuinier Brothers Greenhouse is a place where strong roots produce beautiful flowers.

Our mission is to provide quality product with excellent customer service.

Currently we farm approximately 6 acres of greenhouse to produce a variety of spring annuals and fall mums.  Our primary products include:

  • annual bedding plants and vegetables (48/flat)
  • hanging baskets
  • specialty garden varieties (10/flat)
  • Canary Wing Begonia, Canna, and Geraniums, Gerbera Daisy, Sunflower Sunfinity, and Zesty Zinnia (8/flat)
  • 10″ Geranium Patio pots
  • 14″ Combination planters

We are a rooting station for the Ball Horticultural Company.  Once a customer places an order with the Ball Horticultural Company, through a representative, we receive unrooted cuttings (URC) from many locations all over the globe. Some of Specialty Garden varieties include Angelonia, Bacopa, Begonia varieties, Bidens, Coleus, Cuphea, Euphorbia, Evolvulus, Fuchsia varieties, Gaura, Grasses, Heliotrope, Double Impatiens, SunPatiens, Lantana, Licorice, Lobelia, Lobularia, Osteospermum, Petunia varieties, Plectranthus, Salvia, Scaevola, Sweet Potato vine, Thunbergia, Verbena, and many more.  One of our more popular items is Geraniums.  The process of having each URC grow it’s own roots in a 102 liner is delicate and requires great care.  Once the plant establishes a good root system, the tray of 100 plants is transported to the retail garden centers where they are grown to the finished size in order to be sold to the general public.   You can obtain more information about our liner program by calling Ball Horticultural Company at 800-879-2255.

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