What's New?


January 2021

Time is marching on, a new year, a new season ahead. We are excited that the greenhouse is filling with our small plants and their roots are growing strong! Quality is our continued goal to all our customers.  Now is the time to pre-order, if you are interested in buying specific items this spring.  Our crop in 4.3″ pots (10 pots per flat) are available through pre-orders.  Also, for better selection, potted plants and hanging baskets can be pre-ordered as well.

We will be packaging all annual flowering bedding plants and vegetable in a 6-06 flat.  There are 6 trays of 6 plants for a total of 36 plants per flat.


October, November, December 2020

The mum season is complete and the greenhouse is getting prepared for another successful winter and spring. 

We are working closely with the Ball FloraPlant to increase knowledge and sustain the quality of liners. 

Current customers should be also planning on their needs for the spring.  Greenhouse space is extremely limited, so as soon as you can, please call Ken with your hopes for what you may want to purchase spring 2021.

August & September 2020

As we recovered from the craziness of the 2020 spring season, we’ve invested in our homes and enjoyed the beauty in our yards, gardens, and porches.  Make sure you check out all the photos in the gallery.  Each plant is so intricate and a testament to God’s awesome creation.

And all the while, we have been growing fall mums.  They are available for purchase in 8″ pots and 14″ planters.

We are also planning for next spring already!  Our customers should look ahead and try to predict your future desires for April, May and June 2021!  And then let us know!